The Cheapest 190 M Duplex For Sale In Park View

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    If you are looking for a home that combines sophistication and tranquility, all of this is in Park View HapTown Hassan Allam
    Hassan Allam Properties always shines in the launch of its residential project, as it has established Park View HapTown Compound in the finest residential neighborhoods in New Cairo, and it has all the various services that you are still looking for. Living inside the project is not difficult, everything you are looking for is fully available in front of you, you only have to book your desired unit and it has been designed on the latest models that suit your taste.

    As you are inside your unit, you will feel a wonderful atmosphere that combines creativity and perfection and overlooks the most beautiful scenic landscapes that provide you with complete comfort and tranquility, as they are all attached to windows extending to the ground, which makes you enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature, and the company has offered an appropriate package of prices and payment systems based on continuous installments for the longest possible period.

    The location of Park View Mostakbal City

    Hassan Allam Properties has chosen a unique location for its distinctive residential project, to establish its huge project, Park View HapTown, in Mostakbal City in the heart of New Cairo, which is characterized by tranquility away from the noise and congestion that the residents suffer from.

    Park View location has many advantages, the most important of which are the following:

    • The compound links the most important vital roads such as the Cairo-Suez road, and Cairo-Sokhna highway.
    • The compound has a wonderful view of the largest of the main axes, which is Mohammed bin Zayed axis, which connects between New Cairo and New Administrative Capital.
    • The project is only 10 minutes away from the American University.
    • The compound is located near the most important projects in New Cairo; It is about 2 km away from Madinaty.
    The Space of Park View Haptown Mostakbal City Project

    Park View was built on a vast space of about 43.5 acres, equivalent to 176,000 square meters, and this space was designed to include green spaces, gardens, and a number of artificial lakes that were designed on the latest models, which gives the project a spirit of complete comfort and tranquility. In addition to allocating space for residential buildings and facilities that contain a group of distinctive and creatively designed units, Hassan Allam Properties is always keen to be unique and different from other projects.

    Exclusive, distinctive services within Park View Compound
    • A sports club that includes a huge number of spacious courts, which helps you to practice your favorite and different activities.
    • Hassan Allam Properties is keen to provide a distinctive urban community, as Park View Compound has wonderful architectural designs that suit all high tastes.
    • A huge commercial area on a space of 24,000 square meters, with a number of shops that provide all the supplies and goods you need in your home.
    • It also includes lofts dedicated to administrative and commercial units, which are designed with the latest designs to meet the needs of the residents.

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